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Russian militia patrolman Nikolai Suvorov demonstrating his magnetic personality. But! it is not merely limited to ferrous metals! Glass and plastic are equally attracted to this enigmatic man. 



The wreck of the Titan/Titanic as told in Blue Moon News for Wednesday, July 19th, 2000






Nikolai Tesla, reading by the light of the Tesla Coil





Front Page Of Arizona Paper reporting about the anomalous artifacts in the caves found in the Grand Canyon. According to the Smithsonian, this never happened....Yet the paper exists, and so do the testimony of people that worked there.  Click on the paper to take you to the full size picture of the paper, Click HERE to be taken to the complete article.




One of my all time favorite anomalous artifacts! In the June, 1851 issue of Scientific American (volume 7, pages 298-299), a report was reprinted from the Boston Transcript about two parts of a metallic vase dynamited out of solid rock on Meeting House Hill, Dorchester, Massachusetts. When the two parts were put together, they formed a bell-shaped vase, 4 1/2 inches high, 6 1/2 inches at the base, 2 1/2 inches at the top and an eighth of an inch thick. The metal of the vase was composed of an alloy of zinc and a considerable portion of silver. On the sides were six figures of a flower in bouquet arrangements, inlaid with pure silver, and around the lower part a vine, or wreath, also inlaid with silver. The chasing, carving, and inlaying are exquisitely done by the art of some unknown craftsman - yet this curiosity was blown out of solid pudding stone from 15 feet below the surface. Estimated age - 100,000 years. Unfortunately, the vase was circulated from museum to museum, and then disappeared. It is probably gathering dust in some curator's basement, its identity or source long forgotten. Or stashed away in a private collection, never more to be seen...





This object was found at the Al Ubaid archeological site in Iraq. It belongs to what is known as The Ubaid period, from 5900-4000 B.C.E. This even predated the Sumerian culture. They have never been able to explain this object, so they call it a "ritual object." :) The unique and strange shape could possibly be just a fluke of stylization, or it could represent something, or someone the artist saw back then.... There were also goddess statues found in the same area, almost identical to this style, and the same Ubaid period. As you can plainly see in the full sized photo, this is not the goddess.


  I don't know. Do you think someone like this could've worn the costume, and helmet above? This skull, along with many more like it, and some even stranger than this, were found by Bob Connelly in South America. It always fascinates me that finds like this go relatively unknown, at least here in the States where they try desperately to protect us from knowledge. That whole thing reminds me of the scariest phrase in the English Language: "HI! We're the government, and we're here to help..." 



 I think this has to be my all time favorite, though. This was found in carbon strata by Mr. Ed Conrad, of Pennsylvania. This is kind of an "Anomalous Find Waldo", people. Look in the rock. You can see the definite outline of what appears to be a fossilized giant skull . There have been myths and legends about giants since time began, even in the Bible. Some rather pointed ones, as a matter of fact. The children of "Fallen Angels" and the daughters of man, comes immediately to mind. Then there was the Flood to rid the world of the abominations, and David and Goliath seems to be rather definite on the subject. But again, according to the brainiacs at the Smithsonian, this couldn't possibly exist. But it does, along side with dinosaur fossils, and many more human and animal remains that Ed Conrad found. Yet, all the brainiacs know that nothing, absolutely nothing, was here during the carboniferous period. Yeah, right.

Click on the button below to visit Ed Conrad's site, or the picture for the full size graphic. You'll be glad you did. Ed Conrad was covered in a previous issue of Blue Moon News. So head on over to Ed's site, and say HELLO!!! He's a real nice guy, and gave me permission to use his picture and link back to his site. What a guy! Was so very cool about everything, too. He was surprised to think we would want to know about him. Rock on Ed! And keep up the good fight.




Saint Bernadette, The Incorruptible. 

Marie Bernarde Soubiros was born on January 7th, 1844 to a miller by the name of Francis, and his wife, Louise. She lived in complete poverty, was in extremely ill health, and completely uneducated. On February 11th, 1858, while collecting firewood she saw a vision of the Blessed Virgin in a cave, or grotto, above the riverbank. What happened next is historical fact, for all my skeptics out there. Her visions were met with a great deal of skepticism, but she kept returning to the grotto to converse with Mary, even while under orders from the local law to quit. On February 25th, she dug the in the Earth with her bare hands as instructed by the vision, and a spring appeared, where before there was none. On March 25th, she was instructed to build a chapel on the site, which is one of the most beautiful chapels anywhere, The Chapel of Lourdes.

Marie became Sister Bernadette, (A name she was called since childhood), in 1866, a Sister of Notre Dame at Nevers. She died April 16th, 1879. What makes this so miraculous is Sister Bernadette, the sick, uneducated child, who had conversations with The Virgin, is an "Incorruptible." 30 years after her death, while she was being canonized into sainthood, they dug her body up. What they found has been one of the most profound miracles in our day. She has been dead for over one hundred and twenty years. She has not decayed a bit. Her body is in better condition than most living people. She lies in a crystal coffin, in the chapel at Lourdes. As you can see by the picture above she looks real good for someone dead that long. She almost looks like "Sleeping Beauty," in her crystal coffin, as if on a crystal bower.






The most exotic and sensual scents including Jasmine, Ambergris and Rose.

Make a Wish and Tap the Roses...

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